With the increased popularity of eBook reading devices Amazon have introduced the new kindle 3 model. It is a smaller revised version of the original best selling Amazon Kindle.

They have decreased the size and weight, it is said to be lighter than a paperback book weighing in at 8.7 ounces. The response times of the reader have also been improved together with the new size of display which is now 6 inches (diagonal) it uses the new e-ink pearl format that gives a greater reading experience in daylight than most of this devices' competitors.

This new screen display technology gives you brighter, sharper text and better picture quality compared to the usual LCD screen displays. The reduction in glare especially is it's major benefit you can read normally even in direct sunlight.

The wireless 3g application enables you to browse for the latest book titles available online, no connection to a computer necessary the new kindle 3 does that directly itself so you can search for a new book even if you are away from home.

With the large selection of ebooks available online these days (free or paid for) they have also increased the storage space on the e-reader enabling you to store up to 3,500 ebooks at one time.

The price of ebooks are very reasonable also compared to real paperback and hard backed versions titles mostly around the $9.00 mark.

Other New Kindle 3 improvements are:

  • Longer battery life – up to ten days without having to re-charge the device.
  • Better placement of buttons – The keypad has improved tactile buttons.
  • 3G wireless option.
  • Built in wi-fi capabilities.
  • Audio book function.

There is another function to convert the text to speech (audio) which isn't all that special but for those who like to use this application it can come in handy. As mentioned above you can store audio books to listen to also.

One other minor hiccup is with the placement of the control buttons on the side of the e-book reader. There can be a tendency to press these by mistake when picking up the kindle, but once you become used to handling the device this quickly becomes insignificant.

Other applications like Twitter and Facebook can be used on the new kindle 3 you can share anything you find interesting with your friends.

This eBook reading device can be used right away no software to upload no set-up necessary you can build up your library of e-books instantly.

Source by Alec Mann