Delayed by production issues caused by the Japanese tsunami, Sony KDL-32EX723 arrived in the UK with much fanfare. Analysts praise this product as a harbinger of the refreshed line of Sony televisions that will continue that brand's tradition of excellence. Boasting Internet connectivity and 3D, this HD-ready television brings consumers great performance with Sony quality.

Positioned at the midrange of the Sony lineup, this 32-inch (80 cm) Sony KDL-32EX723BU TV is Sony's most affordable active 3D set. This TV shows more girth than other Sony products and it looks different from the most intimidating members of the Sony product line. However, the unit brings solid performance with attractive looks that most decors will accommodate.

Lit up by Sony's Edge-lit LED, this Sony KDL32EX723BU model sports the Sony Motion Flow XR 200 video processor. This video engine allows it to proffer some of the smoothest intense action video in its class. Augmenting the video performance of this member of the EX732 family is Sony's new X-Reality engine. The resulting video processing capability is more fluid than most televisions of its size and price.

Internet performance of this product includes the Sony Bravia video platform and a full featured browser that makes it easy to combine television viewing with web interaction. On the Sony KDL32EX723 Internet connectivity comes by a wired LAN port that connects to the Bravia service through a home network. It also supports streaming files with DLNA-equipped computers. Buyers not keen with running an Ethernet cable to their television can spring for an optional USB-based Wi-Fi adapter.

This Sony Bravia KDL32EX723B television also uses USB connectivity to play media files, view photographs and play music. The Freeview HD tuner built into the TV can also record video content directly to an external USB hard drive.

Being at the forefront of consumer attention, the active 3D technology supported by the Sony KDL-32EX723B distinguishes it from most other 32-inch products. The set sends its 3D signals effortlessly using internal electronics, removing any need for an optional, external transmitter.

The absence of 3D glasses inside the box on the Sony Bravia KDL32EX723 could frustrate some buyers who might expect that a 3D television would come equipped with everything necessary to watch entertainment in 3D. By omitting glasses, Sony managed to keep the price on the TV affordable. Families wishing to share the 3D experience could face a major financial setback when equipping every member with glasses. While assessing the value of this television, shoppers should consider the total sum required to enjoy the unit as it was intended.

A refreshed user interface makes this Sony KDL-32EX723BU television easier to use than previous models. Besides adding improved navigation, the interface provides new tools for searching for music and video using online databases. Program viewers can push a button to identify music tracks as they play. An on-screen manual makes the features of this television easy to learn.

The Sony KDL-32EX723 offers an exciting 3D and HDTV viewing experience that brings exciting home entertainment to an affordable 32-inch platform. As demonstrated by this model, Sony's wave of new products will please buyers who waited patiently for them.

Source by Tom Verdi