Water siphoning is the best method of removing water from the fish tank. If you have a large tank, you can use “water python.” When you are removing the tank water by siphoning, you must make sure to clean your gravel. In the market near around you can easily find different hoses for changing water which also include a gravel cleaning attachment. You should know one thing that the dirty water which you are removing you is your fish tank contains nitrates. Therefore, this water is an excellent fertilizer for your vegetable and flower garden.

If you desire to remove algae from your tank sides, you can use a plastic, non-soapy scrubbing pad. However, if you do not have a glass tank, and instead have an acrylic tank, you need to especially see that the pad cannot scratch the side.

In some cases there are some very slowly developing algae which are impossible to clean with the help of a scouring pad. It may take too much effort and hardship. In such a case razor blade can be your best weapon. You just need to visit your local fish store and get a scraper which also has a quite handle and a razor blade at one end of it. You can remove almost anything from the sides of the tank with the help of a razor blade. But these blades can scratch your glass tank, so you need to be extra careful if you have a glass fish tank.

Another helpful cleaning tool is the “magnet cleaners” which can also help you in removing algae. In this tool a particular scraping block inside your fish tank is held in place by a specially designed magnet which is held outside of the tank.

A toothbrush can be a superb tool for cleaning algae from the inside of tubing.

Bucket for changing water

Moreover, you also will require one or two buckets for the purpose of removing and addition water from your fish tank. You can use any bucket which is clean but a large bucket is always a good option. Use the bucket you can handle comfortably (say 5-6 gallons). You should use it for aquarium purposes only should never ever put chemicals in that.

Fish Nets

A fish net is another accessory that will require. One net is essential but it is advisable to buy two if you can. It will help you in catching fish more quickly. But while buying a net do not go for one with a fine mesh because it will make things difficult for you due to their high water resistance.

Note: It is very stressful to net fish. Particularly note that the fish net takes off outer side of a fish's protective coating. Its always better use a net, in case you want to catch a fish.

Test Kits

More it is also good to buy a few test kits in order to measure things like ammonia concentrations and others stuff.

Source by Chintamani Abhyankar