You probably have seen many of the promotional videos for the Google Glasses now. This piece of kit is kind of amazing and futuristic with all the cool features it possesses. Think about being able to film your life as it happens and later view it back as if it was a recording from your memory bank? Pretty cool? Or are you more worried about the affects of walking around with a computer on your head all day?

Many gadget enthusiasts will be waiting with anticipation for the Google Glass to be released and it has already been said that this kind of technology could take over the dominant smart phone market. The device will be able to function just as a smart phone does, you will be able to make calls, take video and use the integrated sat nav, and all of these features hands free with voice commands. This is already beneficial to people, as it will make tasks and journeys easier and quicker to complete. Just like smart phones the Google Glasses will have endless app support meaning the apps will be coming thick and fast, so you can expect many different uses for the Glasses from the get go.

Augmented reality technology is set to be one of the biggest upcoming new instalments into this technology craving society we all live in, with Google Glass set to be the first gadget which will bring it all into the main stream. You can already go out now and get yourself some augmented reality glasses. The technology is brand new but is already being developed and released for leisure and industrial purposes by a company called Vuzix. The reason that you may not have heard of them yet is that they do not have all the marketing power of the big G, but if you do your research you can pick up some of this new technology now and put it to use. Many app developers are also working with Vuzix to bring some software to the innovative hardware.

The Google Glasses price has to be affordable in order for this technology to catch on as Google has plans to take over the consumer gadget market and dominate over other bands like Apple, but can they do it? They say the augmented reality glasses will cost around $1,500 but that was the price offered to developer's way before a public release, so when the Google Glass release date comes we should expect to see the price set at around $1,000 or under.

Source by Alex A George