Many articles have been written about the Xbox Wifi because of all the wonderful benefits that it brings people. This is why many are also being attracted to adopt their consoles with the Xbox Wifi. But many are greatly worried because they feel that they are not capable of setting up this kind of innovation within the confines of their homes by themselves. The truth of the matter is that anyone who knows how to operate the computer and their Xbox console can actually install the Xbox Wifi. After connecting the wireless network adapter to the console, the following are the steps that you must follow.

When the wireless network adapter is already attached at the back of the console, you can now turn on the Xbox console. Doing this will allow you to navigate to the screen of the wireless settings and will lead you to the ‘Settings' option. After clicking this, you must select ‘Network Settings' and choose the ‘Advanced' option. When you are already in the ‘Advanced' portion of the menu, you can already select ‘Wireless' which will lead you to the ‘Settings' menu. You then choose ‘System' so that you will be able to select ‘Network Settings.' You will then be able to edit your settings by choosing the ‘Edit Settings' menu. In editing the settings, you will need to set the SSID or the network name in a way that it matches the name of the wireless router. If your wireless router is broadcasting its SSID automatically, its name should already appear in the list. Otherwise, you can just manually enter the SSID in your console. You also need to identify the ‘Infrastructure' or the mode that is used by the router so that the Xbox Wifi will be on its way to functioning. In addition to this, the security type of your console must also match that of the wireless router. So it means that if your router has a WPA encryption, your console should also have the same security setting. After doing so, you can already save your settings and see if the connection has already been established. If the connection has already been made, the Connect Status screen displays that it is already connected to the Internet and to Xbox Live.

Even though you have successfully set the required settings, you might still experience difficulty in connecting to Xbox Live due to poor Internet connection, firewall, NAT or Network Address Translation settings of the router. You can just try focusing on the possible causes of the problem so that you will be able to identify what is really causing the poor connection to the Internet. Thus, you will be able to fix the identified problem. Having said all of these, it is still advised that in installing an Xbox Wifi, you should ask help from professionals who are used to dealing with networking problems and issues so that you will be assured that your console will really work even without the network adapter.

Source by John Oleander