If you are looking to attempt repairs to your cell phone or similar electronics, it is essential to own a practical collection of tools. There are many different tools that can be used which range from simple tools for disconnecting cables to others that involve working on the sensitive printed circuit board. Let's take a look at a few of the most useful tools used in cell phone repair:

Soldering iron – this is an essential piece of kit to solder small items like the microphone, speaker, regulator, transistor, diode and capacitor. A 50-watt soldering iron is the preferred size when working with a cell phone. It is useful to have the option to change the soldering bits or tips for the more precise work. Also, the anti-static or ESD-safe tool is necessary to avoid damaging the very sensitive parts of the cell phone due to a static charge.

Printed circuit board (PCB) holder – use this item to hold the PCB steady to make the process of making repairs that much easier.

Brushes – a collection of small and large brushes can be used to clean the various parts of the cell phone while repairing. It is best to use the anti-static brushes for safe use.

Magnifying lamp – this is a useful item to get a close up view of the small components on the cell phone. It is often used when making a repair to the PCB. The magnification can get very close with options for 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, or more. Also, most of the decent magnifying lamp units will include a light to help illuminate the work area.

Spudger – this is a very useful tool to safely pry or poke the various parts of the cell phone. They can include a pointed and a flat end. The pointed part of the spudger is useful for holding objects to solder or connect/disconnect components, while the flat end can pry open parts, unscrew items, or disconnect connectors. Also, similar to other tools, they are anti-static for complete ease in working with electronic components.

Cleaner – the use of a thinner or cleaning solution is useful to clean any components on the cell phone while making repairs. One of the most common options is Isopropyl Alcohol which is very effective at cleaning items. A high-quality product is essential to minimize the risk of causing damage to the PCB or other sensitive components.

Source by Leo Eigenberg