Many LG Optimus Dynamic Android reviews compare this smartphone to the LG L86C, and even though the two are quite alike, the Optimus Dynamic is more of a mini version. The thing that makes the Optimus Dynamic stand out is the fact that it is compact in size. This is an affordable and fun smartphone, which caused a lot of hype once it was released. Another cool thing about this smartphone is that regardless of its size, it is capable of doing a lot more. Of course, the fact that it is so compact does come with a few compromises. For instance, there is front-facing camera, but there is a 3.0MP rear-facing digital camera.

The Feel & Look Of The LG Optimus Dynamic

LG Optimus Dynamic Android reviews claim that the size of this smartphone is actually one of the most ideal things about it. It is likely that you will wind up loving it if you are not fond of carrying bulky mobile phones. You will adore this smartphone if you prefer mobile phones that are more manageable and smaller.

Yet another interesting thing about this smartphone is that the back of the device is textured, which is supposed to protect the Optimus Dynamic L38C from falls. Hence, if this smartphone is dropped, any damage that it may sustain would be minimal. However, the smartphone happens to have a stunning gray on black finish that you probably would not want to damage. Despite the lack of chrome or silver, holding and using this smartphone will feel great.

The top features that are typically mentioned in the reviews include:

= 3.0MP digital camera

= 3.2″ color touch screen

= 3G speed

= Bluetooth compatibility

= Hands-free speakerphone

= microSD card slot

= MP3 player

= Standby time of up to 6 days

= Talk time of up to 6 hours

= Vibrate mode

Other Things Worth Mentioning About The LG Optimus Dynamic

There are several features of this smartphone that reviews do not highlight as prominently as they should. For instance, this smartphone is equipped with a top speaker. Even though, the Optimus Dynamic is slightly thicker than the LG L96G as a result of this, it makes the L86C a handy and useful speakerphone. Morever, it must be kept in mind that despite being a budget-friendly, no-contract, prepaid mobile phone, this is a powerful compact phone powered by a 800MHz processor.


There are plenty of other reviews for this particular cell phone all over the Internet that you can read. However, the bottom line is that the Optimus Dynamic is a reasonably-priced mobile phone, especially from wireless cellular carriers that offer unlimited daily and/or monthly plans. Make sure there is ideal Verizon coverage in your area since it is a CDMA phone.

Source by Wade Byrd