Talk of portable digital audio player and the one category of gadget that immediately jumps into your mental space is a rectangular device with a name Apple iPod. Sleek and simple in looks while highly powerful in performing the role of a device facilitating music to millions. For the best of mankind, today, the same device has integrated technology to showcase videos too. Now, that's what a double bonanza means in all probability.

Apple's iPod with video comes in 30 GB and 80GB varieties in white and black colour variants. With the aid of iTune software, an iPod user can download favourite music tracks and video. To add to all, there are facilities for free pod-casting that one can enjoy during his or her free times.

iPods with video are classified under the category of fifth generation iPods (later into 5.5 because of software and hardware enhancements) and come with larger screen, lyrics support and music search function. In all these upgraded versions, the mechanical scroll wheel replaces touch-sensitive click wheel with flash memory displacing hard disks in the earlier specimen. The 4GB red iPod nano with its 8GB sibling are two of the other varieties of iPods with video functionality present in the market today.

Already seen with loads of up-gradations, an Apple video iPod comes in perfect order to run equally well with windows and Mac based programmes. Today, a fifth generation iPod plays video in MP4 (up to 2.5 Mbit/s) and H.264 (up to 1.5 Mbit/s, with baseline profile only) formats. Video such as movies, TV shows, music video may be purchased from online stores or downloaded from Google video and other sources and then imported to the iPod for ready use.

Videos or photo slide-shows may be played from the fifth generation video iPod on a television set, projector or monitor with the use of the Apple iPod AV cable or via an iPod dock using an S-video cable.

Now, see videos or listen to your favourite tracks, in the shape of iPod, Apple comes all equipped to match every variety of your demands. It is indeed one gadget with sound vision!

Source by Adam Caitlin