RIM's recent release of the BlackBerry Storm phone to Verizon has me plenty excited. Like many I was counting the days until I could get rid of my old phone running Windows mobile and take delivery of my new BlackBerry Storm. I needed a phone with a media rich platform to wirelessly manage my internet business at Carbon Copy Pro.

I'm probably like many busy Entrepreneurs trying to manage a five figure monthly business while meeting family demands and obligations. My old phone lacked fluid connection to the internet, had slow upload & download speeds and lacked sufficient RAM and storage capacity. Without full HTML browsing ability, I knew in order to manage my internet business I was going to require the BlackBerry Storm.

If your anything like me, dragging around a laptop to wirelessly connect to the internet is not always an option. The ability for me to quickly access my powerful marketing system, manage and analyze my incoming leads helped me to turn chaos into profit. If your seeking more freedom and mobility then this is definitely something for you.

The BlackBerry Storm also allows me to access my Google AdWords campaigns to make adjustments on the fly. The combination of this phones features and the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system provides ultimate leverage for my fast paced internet business. If you've been struggling to find the right combination of these ingredients you'll want to take a closer look at these components.

The solution to my “time vs. income” challenge was combining the BlackBerry Storm's media & social media rich platform with Carbon Copy Pro's online marketing system. Whether I'm in the office, at the beach or tanning on the shores of Jamaica the Storm's 3G connectivity allows me to be profitable day in and day out. There is no better time then now to see these two systems in action.

If you're ready to see how you can take advantage of these same lucrative technologies, take action and contact me today. The solution your seeking is only a call or click away.

Source by Nat Ferguson