Whether you have a cheating spouse or cheating employees in the workplace it is now possible to recover all kinds of data from a cell phone. Often times, even deleted information can be recovered.

People think that their tracks have been covered, but little do they know that their very own mobile phone contains a wealth of data. Think about this, many smart phones have a built in GPS. A skilled investigator can find out everywhere that phone has been. Was your husband at his girlfriend's house? The smart phone knows. Was your employee where he/she was supposed to be at the correct time? Well you can find out.

Are people using social networks to hook up? You better believe it, it happens all the time. A cell phone contains the history of social network activity. Even if things have been deleted, they can often be recovered, if it has not been a long period of time since deletion.

Company fraud and theft happens all the time. If your employees have company cell phones, you can view all the data from the phone and find out what your employees have been up to.

Data recovery can be done quickly and discreetly.

  • If you suspect your spouse or significant other is having an affair, or is up to some other kind of activity you can find out what has been going on with their cell phone with the help of a private investigator.
  • In the workplace company cell phone are used extensively.
  • Teenagers sometimes get into trouble. You can find out what has been going on with their cell phones and nip a potential problem in the bud.
  • If you have a legal issue with anyone, be it friends, relatives, co-workers, significant other, employer, employee or some other person, we may be able to help your case with cell phone forensics.

Data can also be recovered from Computers, Laptops, iPads, tablets, GPS and other electronic devices. The recovery process is quick and discreet. The person will not realize their phone has been investigated.

The evidence obtained from a cell phone can help your case in court. Whether you are involved in a divorce, child custody issue, theft or other legal issue, cell phone forensics may be able to help you.

Mobile Phone Forensics can Recover:

  • SMS and MMS messaging
  • social networking service posts and contacts
  • call logs
  • contact lists
  • web browsing,
  • Wireless network settings
  • geolocation information (including geotags contained within image metadata)
  • e-mail and other forms of rich internet media, including important data — such as
  • smartphone apps
  • Pictures, video and sound recordings

A skilled investigator knows what to look for and how to sort through the data.

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