Forget about the good old days of thumbing through the the white & yellow pages, now, with just a cell phone number, you can instantly reverse trace a phone to the owners name, address and geo-targeted location.

And you don't even need a Federal warrant to do it. All you need is a smartphone or internet access from a computer or laptop and you're in! How to combat this, from the other end? Say you have an unlisted or restricted number that you'd like to block as private – too bad. If your landline or cell phone number is out there in any way, it's public. These days there is essentially no such thing as an unlisted, private phone number. The information is somewhere.

Certainly, services like Anywho, Intelius and People Finder offered limited people search capability for some time. By law, wireless providers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and others aren't allowed to hand out a cellular phone numbers owners details willy nilly. That would be inviting a class action lawsuit for sure. But really, who needs the hassle anyway?

All you need is a reverse cell phone look up application, or access to various websites that offer similar services and access to reverse directory. And most of these directories are very inexpensive to access. A reverse telephone look up to find the owner's name, address and location needs only one piece of information – a cell or home phone number to back trace.

But just for a second, let's look at the positive aspects of reverse trace technology, from the other end. Say you want to find the exact location of your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner. That's not just for the suspicious mind, by the way, finding out if they may be cheating or unfaithful. Maybe just check in on them on their way home from work, make sure their safe.

How about identifying prank or harassing phone calls, that blocked business phone number that keeps calling? Wouldn't reverse phone directories come in handy then? Isn't that, after all, the essence of the entire mobile information evolution – convenience?

Though these simple cell phone directories and smartphone applications can have an ominous overtone of being tracked or spied upon at your exact location via cellphone, there are with out a doubt positive benefits. Finding a cell phone number owner through their cellular phone whale accessing one of these reverse lookup services, is, in the end, their fault. After all, They're the ones who keep calling.

Source by Ron P Butterfield