These cell phone reviews that I love to bring will sometimes cover Cabir, Skulls and Comwarrior. They sound like fighting names out of Xbox or PS3 don't they? They are a few of the viruses and worms that permeate smart phones. They can disable your cell phone, destroy your data, and generate endless spam.

As unbelievable as it sounds viruses have invaded operating systems like Palm OS, Microsoft's Pocket PC and Symbian. Will we ever be free of these demons that seek not only control of our gadgets but the ones that seek control of us as well?

Handsets today can easily hold volumes of information. They can store your contact names and numbers, home info, work, important documents, financial info, customer info, birthdays, anniversaries, email addresses and on and on it goes.

Security engineers have been so overwhelmed contending with PC challenges that they haven't focused their attention at all in this area. They also felt that the initial capability of the handset was so inconsequential that there would be no threat to them.

However, the emerging power, connectivity and widespread use coupled with the lack of security have left the handsets vulnerable. Businesses will undoubtedly bear the brunt of any attack.

With a hacker at the controls of smart phones, Pocket PC's, RIM handsets, and Palm Pilots, untold damage can result to the data stored and the connectivity can go viral.

These mobile handsets can infect the main computers causing widespread damage. Personal info can also be removed from mobile handsets and possibly sold to spammers.

Thus far the first wave of worms hasn't done much. But someone is out there trying their level best to put a wrench into the cell phone works. We know it is coming, we just don't know when.


Source by Wycliffe Williams