VoIP or the Voice Over Internet Protocol service is one of the new technologies that has created a lot of interest among various classes of users such as home users, business users etc. This service involves services such as voice, fax and other voice messaging services that are transmitted over the medium of the Internet instead of the old technologies such as public switched telephone networks etc.

The process of transferring voice messages across the internet involves a lot of steps which can be broadly classified as conversion from analog to digital format and then transmitting it over the network followed by the reverse process of decoding the message from the digital to the analog form.

There are a large number of service providers who provide VOIP services. Among the best VoIP Phone Services are:

– RingCentral

– PhonePower

– ViaTalk

– My1Voice

The chief benefits of signing up to these service providers is that they provide a simple and easy to use interface to their customers to make and receive phone calls over the internet protocol. The quality of the voice received and sent across the internet is also superior compared to the standard Packet switched networks.

They also provide a 24×7 support to their customers and all of these services are provided at a nominal cost, which in no way causes a huge financial impact to the customers.

Once you sign up to any of these service providers, you can receive and make phone calls to any other part of the world without letting know your geographical location. Such facilities are especially important for businessmen who can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world at their convenience.

The process does not require any extensive knowledge of the internet networks as the service provider sets up a simple and easy to use interface to the customers who can just log in their phone network and start their regular activities. Plus you can try out any of these services for FREE!

Source by Omar Fox