Today smart phone usage is increasing day by day. Online business is also expanding its horizon. If you want to buy online then, credit card or debit card is necessary. If your Smartphone has a security certificate then, there is nothing to worry. Here, you will reveal the process of installing the digital certificate in iPhone. Digital Certificate that contains a public and private key (usually in the form of a.p12 or .pfx file) can be installed onto the iPhone or iPad. This will enable you to log onto a website that requires a certificate for access. iPhone bears X.509 certificates with RSA keys.

  • Open up the.p12 or .pfx certificate file using your iPhone by selecting the file.
  • On the Install Profile screen, press the Install button.
  • Click the Install button. You will get a warning that the profile is unsigned, but click OK.
  • Enter your device's passcode, then enter the password for the p12 file and click next.
  • Click on the done button on the final screen to complete the profile installation and at last you will see the below screen with finished process.
  • You can exit this screen by pressing the “Done” button in the top right hand corner.

Configuring your device to read encrypted email:

  • Go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars control panel, then select your Exchange account under Accounts.
  • In the Account setting at the top scroll down to the S/MIME section and check that the S/MIME option is set to ON. It permits you to read encrypted emails sent to you.
  • To turn on your digital signature, go to sign settings and check it whether it is ON or OFF. It will embed digitally sign on all outbound emails from your account.
  • To encrypt outgoing mail, kindly check your encryption option in Account setting and turn it ON.

Summary: According to a well-known survey, mobile malware grew by 614% in 2012. Digital certificate provides utmost security to your iPhone, iPad. It prevents your Smartphone from Phishing swindles and other online frauds. You can secure your iPhone and iPad through many certificate authorities. Many hackers try to steal data over the web without awareness of a user therefore, digital certificate is necessary to protect your data over the web. If your data is encrypted then, hackers cannot interpret it and your data remains secure on the internet. Security is necessary in today's world.


Source by Abel Wike