If you have Verizon Galaxy Note 2 (SCH-I605) and wish to update your device with Android 4.2.2 OS then you can make use of the latest custom firmware called Carbon ROM. This unofficial firmware will provide better performance and improved features. Carbon ROM is in the development stage and thus installation of the firmware may cause some issues or bugs in the device.

Firmware Features:

There are various features that come along with Android Jelly Bean Carbon ROM and some of them are as follows:

• Enhancement of the speed including the Linaro -O3 and the optimizations that are specific to the processor.

• Carousel lockscreen

• Customizable sliders as well as lockscreen button

• Navigation bar widgets

• Hardware and software keys that are customizable

• Theme Engine

• Quiet Hours and others.

Step by Step Guide:

The following given steps will enable you to install the latest firmware on your Galaxy Note 2. Before going in for the installation, ensure that USB Drivers for your handset are installed on your PC, backup of all important data is taken and the phone is charged with at least 80% of the battery power.

Step 1:

You first of all need to download the Carbon ROM and Google apps zip file on your desktop.

Step 2:

Next, taking a USB cable, connect your Galaxy Note 2 to your desktop and the files that are downloaded in the first step are now copied on the SD card of the phone. You just need to copy the files and do not extract them.

Step 3:

Now take off the USB cable and disconnect and also switch off the power of your device.

Step 4:

Next, you have to boot your Galaxy Note 2 into the CWM Recovery and this can be done by pressing and holding the buttons of Volume UP, Home and Power Together till the logo of Samsung appears on the display. Then you need to leave the keys for around half second and then again hold all of them together. The screen of CloclworkMod Recovery will now be seen.

Step 5:

The next step is to perform the function of Nandroid backup of the ROM that is existing and for doing this you need to make the selection of Backup and Restore option which you need to opt for Backup option again on the next screen. After the process of back up gets completed, you need to move to the main menu of the recovery.

The Nandroid backup is done so that in case if new ROM does not work properly or if you wish to go back then you can restore later.

Step 6:

Next step is the performance of the data wiping task by opting for the option of Wipe data/factory reset after which the Yes is selected so as to confirm the task. It will take few minutes for the wiping task to get completed after which you need to again move back to the main menu of CWM Recovery.

Step 7:

Next you need to opt for the option of “wipe cache partition” and after its completion, opt for “Wipe Dalvik Cache” that is present in the Advance option.

Step 8:

Now from your SD card you need to make the selection of “install zip from sdcard” and then “choose zip from sdcard”. The Carbon ROM file that has been earlier copied on the SD card of your phone has to be now located and selected with Power Key after which its installation process is confirmed.

Step 9:

After the successful installation of the ROM file, you need to again repeat the above given step for the Google Apps file installation.

Step 10:

When your installation of ROM file and Google Apps gets completed, you need to again move back to the main menu and opt for reboot system now so as to reboot your handset. You have to boot in the customized Android JB ROM Carbon. Some time will be taken for the first boot to get completed.


Thus by going through the above steps carefully, you will be able to install the Carbon ROM on your Galaxy Note 2 I605.


Source by Payal Sakaria