Androids have evolved over the last year and given other Smartphones a run for their money. But there can be some difficulty getting used to all the features that an Android phone has available to users. Many people are afraid of spending all the money on one and then not being able to take full benefit of them. While it may take a little more effort to learn the Android system and get it set up just like you want it, you are sure to enjoy the benefits once you are accustomed to using it. When an Android phone is configured properly it will actually be a lot easier to use than many of the other mobile phone operating systems.

Here are some basic tips to get you started on this new journey. These will help you know how to start reaping the benefit of owning an Android phone. Once you get used to it you and see all the benefits that are available for your cell phone, you will never want another one!

Getting Started

When you turn the power on the first time the phone will begin the setup process. You will be given some options on how you want things set up. Most of the time, you can select an option or choose to skip it. Do not skip anything. Pay special attention to adding your Google account information. You can go back through settings later to sync it, but it is best if you walk through the set-up process one item at a time. Once you are done with all the set-up features you are ready to get started enjoying some of the other features of your new phone.

Along the top of the main screen you will see a little bar; this is your notification window. You can use your finger to drag it down so that you can see any notifications of incoming messages or appointments. For Android 4.0 and later these can be dismissed by swiping them to the off position with your finger. At the bottom of the screen is the app drawer. One tap and it will display all the apps that are on your Android cell phone. It is very similar to how your desktop works with the programs it contains. The apps can be organized in the app drawer.

Using Apps

Once you have completed setting up your Google account you can open the Play Store. This is where you can purchase or download apps for the Android. You will need to sign in at least one time but then after that all of your apps can be managed from the computer. Anything that you do on the synced computer will appear on your Android. Basically you can find the app you want, click “install” and watch it download onto your phone. It sounds simple – because it is!

You can also remove any apps that came preinstalled. Most of them are just noticing from the manufacturer or carrier. To get rid of the ones you do not want click and drag it to “remove” which will just take the shortcut away without removing the app itself.


After you have had some fun and installed a whole lot of stuff you will want to take a few minutes to get it all organized on your home screen. You want to deliberately place everything where it will be easily accessible and where it makes sense to you. Put the items that you will use most right up front. Then you can put the items that will be used less frequently around the sides so that they are still handy when you want them.


Source by Najaf Irshad Bhatti