The new HTC Desire has found a second network partner in Vodafone, first launched on T-Mobile pay monthly deals just a couple of days ago the new Desire is HTC's newest Android phone and directly competes with the Google Nexus One which is also manufactured by HTC for the search engine giant.

The two models are very similar in terms of specifications, they both offer a very large 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen display and high quality 5.0 mega pixel camera on the reverse, there are a couple of differences between the HTC Desire and Nexus One that could sway a consumers choice.

The Desire opts for HTC's own Sense user interface over the top of the Android operating system, this makes for a recognisable configuration for existing HTC phone users as well as a smooth user experience whist navigating the menu system and web surfing. Also present in the HTC Desire is support for Flash 10.1 straight out of the box which adds further to the internet experience being able to load even flash driven websites on screen.

Both phones offer a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, this is still the fastest processor currently available in the mobile phones market place and zips through loading new applications and runs with no lag time. The Desire does go one step further in terms of design and incorporates an optical navigation pad as opposed to the Google Nexus One's physical trackball solution which HTC Hero users will know can wear down over time.

HTC are also launching two new handsets alongside the Desire, these include the HTC HD Mini which is a smaller version of the Windows powered HD2 model with the huge 4.3 inch touch screen shrunk down to a manageable and pocket friendly 3.2 inches and the new HTC Legend which is a direct upgrade to the popular Hero phone with added technology and features.

Other manufacturers have competing phones in the shape of the Motorola Milestone, Sony Ericsson X10 and X10 Mini and the LG GT540 which are all Android powered devices. Non Android contenders include the Nokia X6 and Nokia N900, HTC Touch 2, Samsung Omnia 2 and Samsung Omnia Pro.

The HTC Desire is also set for more network launches over the coming weeks with confirmation from Orange that they too will be stocking this high specification device on their network, others have yet to confirm their intentions with O2 probably the one that most will want to hear from.

Source by Susan Hargreaves