LG Neon GT365 – Smartphone review Price and features Props and Cons

Overall the LG Neon is a good value. It is easy to use and will take only two minutes to set-up and start. The sliding keyboard is glorious for better SMS-ing but the keys could be a bit bigger, in my judgment. The USB connection wire is offered as an additional accessory and it'll set you back $30 to $40. The sole touch-sensitive screen feature available is the numeric telephone dialing screen which is expediently accessible from the main interface. Reading and sending email is kind of straightforward if you have an ATT, AOL, Yahoo! Or Windows Live account. The Yellow Pages application might be helpful but I also commend downloading the Google Maps for cell telephones. The Music folder contains limited trial subscription to Music ID and Make UR Tones applications. PAC-MAN and Bubble Bash.

The Bluetooth wireless connectivity supports A2DP technology which can stream audio in stereo to the headset. The threaded messaging displays full talks and not just fragmented replies, while the New Message button is expediently found on the keyboard. I am able to get used to the LG Neon GT365 and for my particular wishes this is a good phone. I am doing assume the voice-dialing should be the standard feature and the USB wire should be included. While recognizing that, I'd suggest this telephone for those that need simplicity and loyalty for e-communication and quality voice calls

LG Neon GT365

– cute size and sturdy design.
– Sliding full keyboard.
– Bluetooth
– MicroSD slot.
– Threaded messaging*.
– Low Cost

– USB cable costs extra.
– No voice-dial feature.

– 2.4 in LCD screen
– touch sensitive screen telephone dialing.
– Easy access to Instant Messaging ( IM ) like aim, Yahoo! Or Windows Live.
– easy access to email such as AT&T, AOL, Yahoo! And Windows Live.
– two MP camera and video.
– Yellow Pages application.
– Music player.
– Tools: calendar, notepad, calculator, world clock, stopwatch, unit converter.
– automated key-lock.
– Call speaker.
– Flight mode.
– Call waiting and call forwarding.
– GSM/GPRS/EDGE network

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Source by Subramanyoo Rao