Style is ever changing and buoyant. What may be in fashion one day could be just the opposite in a matter of a few months. However, some material possessions that we own and possess can withstand this onslaught of time. They are fashionable for quite a long time; they are not fads – they are examples of pure fashion and sleek style. The LG Prada is one such mobile phone from LG Electronics.

Undoubtedly, the LG Prada is sleek and stylish in its looks. And it has got features to match as well. This sophisticated multimedia mobile phone comes with a whole gamut of user friendly options. The sleek and stylish form factor of the LG Prada blends in seamlessly with some of the best and most wanted multimedia functionalities.

The exclusivity in design and the sleekness in form factor are two main reasons for the widespread popularity of this mobile phone model. Another merit of this LG mobile phone is that it is intuitive and easy to use. It comes with a touch-based interface that makes using this handset a memorable one.

The LG Prada comes with a 3″ TFT display with a WQVGA resolution (400 x 240 pixels); a 2 megapixel camera with auto focus; a FM radio option; and microSD memory card slot. The handset can be used to shoot videos in WQVGA resolution. There are two control keys in the handset. One can use the multimedia key to activate the mp3 player as well as enjoy the camera options. The other key is the key lock key. One can use this key to lock the touch sensitivity of the display, so that there are no key presses that users do not desire.

So, if one is in the lookout for a sleek mobile phone that promises ‘fun', the LG KS360 is definitely one of the handsets that one can check out. The handset is not all fun though. The LG Prada comes with an Office documents viewer and Bluetooth compatibility make it quite the aide for busy professionals.


Source by Jack Daniel