Every busy executive aims to have such smart phones which can help them in to their routine chores of action. From the wide array of such smart business phone the new recent addition is LG VX9800 Keyboard Phone. This phone is unveiled recently by one of the leading mobile phone manufacturing companies LG.

This stunning phone is especially made to suit the business class people of the user who are technology lover.

LG VX9800 keyboard mobile phone has countless features and a few of them encompass speedy data access to have video on demand, high technology stereo speakers, VCAST used for accessing on-demand TV, instating internet connectivity with a speed parallel to broadband, 1.3 MP camera for video shoots and still pictures and QWERTY keyboard, etc. The model has advanced voice – dialing function, a big color display, EV-DO download feature and that all in to an eye- catching look.

You can customize your cute LG VX9800 Keyboard Phone with number of accessories and some of them are explained as;

1. USB Data Cable

Keeping this smart business phone you will always want to share and exchange data from computer and want to upload information on the same. Using the USB data cable you can connect your phone with computer easily.

2. Faceplates/ Jackets

In order to revamp the look and change the entire aesthetics of the cell phone you can use these faceplates. These are nothing but the covers that are available into different colors and designs and perfectly suit the fitting of your phone. Just using these faceplates you can improve the aesthetics of your phone.

3. Pouches/ Covers

Mobile phones are considered to be very delicate and thus you need to protect them from all sort of external damages. These pouches are made of fine quality leather or fabric that gives your phone a better reach and eliminates the chances of breakage, falling and phone losing worries.

4. Bluetooth Headsets

Using these Bluetooth headsets you can listen to songs, talk to your friend and can enjoy videos when you are on a walk. You need not to hold the phone in your hands all the time while you are using headsets.

5. Car Chargers

Apart from the typical wall chargers you can use the car chargers to make your battery alive while you are on the move.

If you do not want to lag behind and want to witness the revolutionary changes taking place in the modern telephony world, use this LG VX9800 keyboard phone. To have an entirely different appeal get this spectacular model accessorized with the unusual but striking accessories.

Source by Sandra Wilson M