The well known Television brand onida has designed its range of mobile phones to ensure great quality with value for money. Onida is the fourth consumer durable goods manufacturer to enter the cell phone market in India. Creating a niche for itself with the tag line ‘Neighbor's envy, owner's pride', it has now entered into the cell phone market.

Onida mobile phones are known for their excellent quality and the impeccable trust they have established with the public. Their brand value among cell phones has increased over the past few years. Their low price range, with a high range of attributes suits people with every kind of budget.

Onida has come up with a new range of mobile phones. With the reliance that Onida has built over the past two decades, the mobiles are good in look and features. If we take Onida mobiles in our hands, we will be surely fascinated by its body and design. They have quite handy design which is comfortable to hold and carry. They have high functionality, battery, memory, ring tones, features, best prices, guarantee and warranty.

Some popular Mobile phones from Onida are Onida F950, Onida F910, Onida F830, Onida GSM, Onida G630 and onida v110. They are segregated into three series F, G and V. Onida G620 is a candy bar mobile phone which comes with a great list of features. It is elegant and a great buy.

Onida Mobile Phones are equipped with high tech features such as colour screen, MP3 player, Fm radio of Speakerphones, Voice Recorder, WAP Audio Player with MP3, MIDI, Expandable memory up to 2 GB. It can save up to 500 SMS. It has 65K color display with CSTN screen. These are just few from the long list of features.

Belonging to the F-series of Onida Mobiles, Onida F910 mobile phone is equipped with the unique option of dual SIM card. If we want to keep our personal life separate from the professional life, this onida mobile phone is perfect for us. We can use two cards on the same instrument at the same time.

This lightweight onida mobile phone comes in sleek and compact body design. We should not go by its sleek looks as this sturdy phone can withstand rough conditions also. Other salient features of this magnificent phone are 2-mega pixel cameras which can be used as the webcam and we can transfer the files from phone to computer using Bluetooth connectivity and fast cables.

Brand value of Onida mobile phones has increased among the mobile users. There is large range of onida mobile phones to choose from.


Source by Mamta Papneja