In a few time HTC has established itself as a leading brand in the field of mobile communication. The brand has several cell phone listed under its name. One of them is HTC Chacha, a classy candy bar cell phone that features a unique design. It is also impressive in terms of functions. This highly appealing mobile phone can be complemented with some stylish accessories that enhance the overall look of the handset and also support its functions. You can go for designer cell phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, portable chargers, screen protectors, stylus and much more.

The market is full of a wide array of cell phone accessories. You can also search the online sources for the best ones for your mobile phone. This research can help you in selecting the finest add-ons that not only enhance the functionality of your cell phone but ass to your status and style.

Lovely Shy Panda TPU Case Cover
This designer and lovely case is crafted for girls. The cover showcases the face of a panda and is highly attractive. It is custom made for HTC Chacha cell phone and hence, the device perfectly fits into it. The ultra slim design offers a firm grip of the handset and reduces the chances of drops. The case cover provides ultimate protection to your device and offers it a playful appearance.

Dual Desk Dock
The stylish Dual Desk Dock is designed to keep your HTC CHacha always charged. This small device occupies a little space and is custom made for this handset. There are two LED indicators on the top of the dock that indicated the power supply while your handset is charging. You can also charge a spare battery simultaneously. There is a slot at the back of the cradle area where you can place the battery and recharge it.

HTC ChaCha Screen Protector SP P560
This screen protector is manufactured by HTC in order to offer protection to the screen of the mobile phone against scratches and fingerprints. The item is custom made for this device and perfectly fits to the screen. It is easy to install and provides a crystal clear view of the display. You can also change it after regular intervals and ensure that your display screen is safe and protected. It leaves no residue on removal.

The above discussed accessories provide a trendy look to your HTC Chacha and also allow you to enjoy its features to the maximum. So, what are you waiting for, rush to the nearest stores and get some of the best ones that suit your tastes and personality.

Source by Miriam Fleming