Cell phones have been becoming more and more sophisticated over the years. They are almost small computers as opposed to just phones. Google has been developing the Android platform that is now on many popular phones and will even be developed into a netbook platform in the near future. Google has decided to take the jump into the cell phone hardware market by making the Nexus One. It will be Google's personalized version of their Android phone platform.

There are some significant advantages to the end user by buying this Android phone versus other Android phones on the market.

First, Google has stated that there will be some specialized features. They have not released what these might be yet, but for those that are on this platform they will get some extras that other Android phones do not have.

Second, this phone is completely unlocked. There are no restrictions that are artificially put into the phone like many networks do when they make a version of a phone. This means that the end user will be able to add any Android applications and use any functionality with the only limit being the hardware in the phone. It's rare to have complete and total freedom over the devices that you get to use as this freedom is generally severely limited by being locked out of parts of the system.

What is nice about this is that most phone vendors keep a severe limit of control over your phone and it's applications. The unlocked Nexus One will feel a bit more like your computer where you can install and remove software freely as a user instead of being locked away and controlled by a company or network.

With an unlocked phone, as long as your network supports the basic functionality, you will be able to use this phone as you wish. With such an open platform, the application possibilities really are limitless just like internet applications or desktop applications are.

Source by Stephen Holland