What is the zBoost YX510?

You have probably seen a number of zBoost YX510 reviews and advertisements and wondered what exactly it does and how it works.

The zBoost YX510 which is also known as the manufactured by Wi-Ex meaning (Wireless extenders) is a revolutionary product that is currently in the market which and significantly improves cell phone reception through wireless connectivity.

The zBoost YX510 package consists of parts which are integrated together to boost your reception: amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, low-loss SATV coaxial cable (RG6), signal antenna and mounting hardware. It has an omni-directional antenna which is easy to orient and receives strong signals from multiple cell towers. This antenna can be mounted in a place where there is a strong reception, like an attic, so it amplifies the strong signal into the area where the base unit is placed (e.g. basements, offices).

When installed and used properly it can deal effectively deal with static and distortion during phone calls.

YX510: Features and Advantages as a cell phone signal booster

As a major technological breakthrough in the cell phone industry, it is equipped with features to meet various people's needs. The Wi-Ex zBoost YX510 improves reception by repeating and amplifying the signal and making it cover up to 2,500 sq. ft. If an upgraded antenna is used, the amplified signal can cover 5,000 sq. ft.

The device is built to serve multiple users indoors – approximately 20 cell phone users can benefit from a single yx510 PCS. zBoost YX510 can be used to support any phone model and uncommon cell phone brands from different manufacturers.

The YX510 cell phone repeater operates on dual band meaning it is compatible with all major carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel, Cricket, etc (with an exception to Nextel) and can amplify 3G on all 3G enabled devices like the iphone and data cards.

Installation and Benefits of zBoost YX510

Preferably the zBoost YX510 should be installed near a window or at the attic where reception is excellent (3 to 5 bars).

  • Mount the Signal Antenna in your attic, near a window or even outdoors using the hardware provided in the package and place the Base Unit across the room – where the cell zone will be created. The antenna and the base unit should be 15 feet away from each other to avoid a feedback loop.
  • Attach the coaxial cable to the signal antenna and run it to the base unit.
  • Mount the base unit to the wall or alternatively, place it on stationery furniture and attach the power supply to the Base Unit. Plug in the power supply. Should you see a red light emitting diode, see the troubleshooting options in your manual.

The installation is a one-time process and you don't have to repeat it again.

Benefits of having the YX510 include:

  • With a significant boost in your cell phone signal, you can now replace your landline with a cell phone for more mobility and less expenses.
  • Battery life is maintained for a longer period since the cell phone uses less power looking or searching for a home network.
  • With the zBoost YX510 there's almost none of those dropped calls and none of those annoying moments when using your cell phone.


Source by Philip Levine