There are many different ways for you to trace a mobile phone number to its owner; this is usually done in order to uncover the real identity of the individuals responsible for making those mysterious and unknown calls that are not registered in your phone book. This type of lookup can give you pertinent results such as the full name of the person who owns the cellphone, his present address, employment history, contact details, and so on.

This is best in various situations like stopping the disturbing activities of pranksters, finding out the details of individuals who keep calling on your spouse, and sorting business and personal calls among many others. For these reasons, many people are conducting their own reverse search today.

There are two main options for you to trace a mobile phone number to its owner. One way of doing it is to visit the office of the cellphone carrier; they usually maintain an enormous database of all their subscribers nationwide. You can make the request for your desired information after observance of their rules and regulations for data retrieval.

However, this is only good if you have to do this only once or twice. If you need to perform the same procedure on regular basis and on several numbers that are subscribed to different service providers, then the required tasks are very tedious because you will have to travel to different places where the offices of various cell-phone carriers are located.

Fortunately, there is another convenient and cost-effective alternative solution for your quest to trace the owner of the mobile phone number. There are various online services managed by third party companies that compiled all the databases of every cellular telecommunication carrier in the country; and placed them into one huge database where you can have access to the files for a certain fee.

However, the required fee is only nominal compared to convenience of doing the lookup at the comforts of your home; apart from having more accurate and freshly updated results. In any case, just select which among the methods stated herein is best for your quest to trace a mobile phone number to its owner.

Source by Paul Andrew Michaels