Verizon Wireless came up with an answer to the ring tone rage that is going around in the cell phone industry. Instead of going with the flow that every cell phone manufacturer has gone through, Verizon came up with the ring tone reverse.

Reverse ring tone is basically the music ring tone that the caller is hearing from his or her side of the line. As the owner of the cell phone, you get to choose the music that you want to replace the standard ring tone that people will hear when they call you. So, you will not only get to enjoy the music when others are calling, your callers will also get to hear some music while they wait for you to pick up.

Although ring back tones have been going around for quite sometime, it was Verizon Wireless who started making it a hit in the United States.

Verizon Wireless first presented this ring tone idea during the days when ring tones were on its peak. With all the major cell phone companies trying on different approaches to ring tone, Verizon decided to shift from what the wave was about. So they designed this ring back capabilities for people to shift to.

Just like the ring tones for cell phones, ring back became one of the most popular and most coveted services to ever hit the cell phone market. Almost everyone are willing to pay the extra charge that goes with getting themselves ring back tones from Verizon Wireless. And why not? Ring back is the neatest thing after ring tones.

Verizon Wireless was wise enough to start a trend in ring tone technology and present it at the proper time when people were already tired of their ring tones. The thing with ring tone is that they tend to become boring once you get to hear it everyday. Not only that, there is always that urge to change from one downloadable music to another once new songs hit the charts. This makes people fickle minded in the search for the ones they definitely want.

With Verizon Wireless’s ring back tones, some of the problem is eliminated because the owners are not the ones who will get to hear the tones over again. For the callers, any kind of song is an welcoming relief to those standard tones that they hear on home and office phone lines.

Ring back tones can make the waiting worth it. It is just like listening to a radio or stereo. There would not be impatient callers with ears getting tired from the continued buzz. All they have to do now is listen to whatever is playing over the cell phone while they wait. It can be said that listening to a good music can be fun. Besides, once you get absorbed in the tone, you would not realize that the ones you are calling have let you waited a long time on the line.

The ring back tones from Verizon Wireless is one major breakthrough that is still being used by many up to now. The thing that differentiates it from ring tone is that you would not need a new model or advanced cell phone kind to avail of this service. Any brand or kind of cell phone will do.

Source by Low Jeremy