Whether the cell one is using is expensive or cheap, one common trait across mobiles is that they are all in need of some repair work from time to time. Smart devices are sophisticated instruments and as such, they need to be fined tuned every now and then. Having a good toolkit with the essential tools in it helps in maintaining one's smart device back home without having to make an expensive trip to a repair shop or worse, to a retailer for a brand new one.

We discuss below some of the essential tools of a good repair kit that can help alleviate any need for instant repair and provide an immediate remedy for everyday repair.

iPhone 5-point pentalobe screwdriver

The iPhone 5-point pentalobe screwdriver is an essential tool in the toolkit of an iPhone user. The models 5, 5c, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus all come equipped with a special kind of 5 point screw that can be found at the bottom of the device. Only this screwdriver is equipped to open these specially designed screws to allow access to the inside of an iPhone.

Nylon Spudger

A Nylon Spudger is an anti-static tool so that it can be used upon devices safely. This tool is used to handle very minute parts of a mobile which cannot be accessed or handled with bare hands. Furthermore, the back of the tool is equipped to hook wires.

Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers

This tool comes in handy when trying to negotiate very small screws during the repairing process. They allow for extra access, control, and visibility when repairing cells.

Screwdriver kit

While repairing it may very well require assembling and disassembling the parts several times. Unfortunately, anyone standard screwdriver cannot do the job and we would need a whole host of drivers of different shapes and sizes since the screws on different devices vary from each other.

Small Philips Screwdriver

All devices have small screwdrivers and the Small Philips Screwdriver is a versatile driver that is readily applicable to a wide variety of small screws.

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool

A plastic triangle opening tool is a special kind of tool employed to dismantle specific parts of a cell such as the screen without causing it any damage.

T5 Torx screwdriver

Mobiles screws greatly vary in size. The T5 Torx screwdriver is designed to work with T5 screws which have wide applications across models such as LG, Motorola, and Samsung.

Precision Knife Set

A knife is widely used in the process of mobile repair since often there is need to cut or reshape parts using sharp objects. Precision Knife Sets come in various shapes and sizes complete with flexible handles and can be used across a wide variety of situations.

Source by Sidney L Smith