Now available from China wholesale manufacturers, the X12 is gaining popularity. This phone has a sleek design, lots of features to offer, and is available at a lower price than iPhone type mobile phones. Unlike the iPhone, the X12 has a keypad, rather than a full length screen. However, it does have a 2.6″ touch screen, giving users the flexibility to use either keypad or stylus. This phone combines the three characteristics that most mobile users value highest – it is stylish, practical, and inexpensive.

Although the craze for iPhones has taken over much of the mobile phone market lately, some users prefer the familiarity and convenience of using a keypad. The X12 allows its users to operate the phone using keypad or touch screen. In addition, it offers much of the same capability of the latest iPhone type model, the CECT i9 3G. This means that it supports dual SIM card operation, FM radio, MP3 music files, and Bluetooth. It supports Quad-band frequencies, web connectivity, and comes with shake control for music files. The touch screen allows handwriting input, and the memory capacity can be upgraded to 8GB (same as the i9 3G). In addition, it includes a 3.2 megapixel digital camera, a significant upgrade from the 3G's 2.0MP.

This phone is smaller than most iPhone type models, and has a cool look and feel. If you are looking to upgrade from your previous cell phone, but aren't quite ready to make the leap to a full touch screen, consider picking up an X12. The phone is completely unlocked, meaning you are free to shop around for the best mobile service carrier in your home country. It also means that you can easily switch SIM cards and continue to use this phone in any country you travel to. The XKSSTEL X12 has the same charger and battery as most NOKIA phones, and offers a wide range of features.

Source by Danny Stokley