Today, there are many ways to create impressive apparel garments through DTG printing. Although this technology is quite new, it is gaining popularity among users, especially business users. This technology allows you to apply water-based inks on the fabric, unlike a traditional printer. It is like printing a document from the comfort of your room. In this article, we are going to focus on the benefits of direct to garment printing. Read on to know more.

Vibrancy and Details

Unlike conventional printing methods, this technology can be used to create a photo-realistic image. Actually, these printers fire tiny droplets of ink in order to create great results. These machines use a great spectrum of colors. So, they are an ideal choice for creating colorful designs with a lot of shades and gradients.

On-Demand Printing

In the case of screenprinting, you need to set up a lot of things. But in the case of DTG printing, you have minimal setup. But you can benefit from multi-colors by pressing a button. Even small orders can be delivered in a timely fashion. This can help improve the customer experience as there will be almost no delays.


Since there is almost no setup required for these machines, operating costs are quite low. As a result, business owners can earn higher profits. Generally, the operating cost for one print is around $1 for garments that require light colors. For dark colors, the cost is around $3. Therefore, manufacturers can charge competitive prices.

With more profits, you can expand your business further. And this is the goal of every business out there.

Small-Volume Opportunities

The great thing about DTG printers is that they can help you complete small verses as well as large orders. The reason is that these machines are quite versatile. The lower cost of setup and operation make these machines an ideal choice for small businesses. Since small businesses cannot afford high operational costs, they can tap into small volume opportunities to increase their market share. Plus, these machines can be an ideal choice for a one-off request from customers.


It is easy to create flawless DTG prints. The good thing is that the designs can be made by following four simple steps. The first step involved pre-treating the garment. the second step involves curing the government and the final step involves loading the digital art to the system and making adjustments to the design layout. And the rest of the process is handled by the machine itself.

Since these machines are new, there is a learning curve involved. However, once you have gained some experience, you can get the most out of the machine without any trouble.

Long story short, this was a description of some of the advantages of DTG printers. If you have never used these machines, we suggest that you give a go to them. We bet that you won't regret your decision as these machines are easy to use and provide great results in an efficient manner.


Source by Arthur Huang