Intended to Be Easy

One of a kind tilting print system, lit up stacking zone and featured touch-focuses make supply stacking easy.

Three-shading illuminated LCD show gives moment visual ID of printer status.

Standard USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and discretionary double band remote systems administration enable simple association with have frameworks in a wide scope of situations.

Usable as an independent framework with a console, keypad and standardized tag scanner extras for information section.

Constant Print and Encode

Ready to ceaselessly encode RFID supplies. Licensed relentless print and encode innovation gives up to 3 times the throughput of even full-estimate tabletop printers.

Prints and encodes name and label material at up to 8 inches for each second for constant cluster generation.

Backings on-request and each one in turn label printing, encoding and stopping for run or substitution applications.

Coordinated RFID EPC verifier gives an extra information honesty check, to for all intents and purposes kill RFID information blunders and give a review record to follow capacity.

Key Features

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The same rough, dependable, field demonstrated print system as in our bigger tabletop printers.

33% bigger lace limit than comparative printers and the capacity to hold a 200 meter supply* for less downtime because of supply changeover.

Select, worked in RFID verifier overstrikes awful marks and labels to guarantee 100% searchability.

Standardized tag Assured™ innovation diminishes printing disjointed scanner tags with a protected, safeguard dab moving autocorrect highlight that additionally expands print life.

Collapsing supply entryway decreases the space required alongside or more the printer.

Double strip control dispenses with lace wrinkles to spare time and cash.

No unique devices or administration agents required with our tilting, client available printheads.

Good with EcoCapacity+™ thin liner marks that fundamentally diminish water and vitality utilize, strong waste creation, and C02 outflows.

The Avery Dennison┬« Monarch┬« Tabletop Printer 2 (ADTP2™) is a high performance thermal printing and RFID encoding solution in a compact form factor.

Ideal for label and tag production in a retail inshore application, exception label and tag production in a distribution center, or any printing application that requires high performance in a small space.

A printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper. Printers vary in size, speed, sophistication, and cost. In general, more expensive printers are used for higher-resolution color printing.

Personal computer printers can be distinguished as impact or non-impact printers. Early impact printers worked something like an automatic typewriter, with a key striking an inked impression on paper for each printed character. The dot-matrix printer was a popular low-cost personal computer printer. It's an impact printer that strikes the paper a line at a time. The best-known non-impact printers are the inkjet printer, of which several makes of low-cost color printers are an example, and the laser printer. The inkjet sprays ink from an ink cartridge at very close range to the paper as it rolls by. The laser printer uses a laser beam reflected from a mirror to attract ink (called toner ) to selected paper areas as a sheet rolls over a drum.

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