Do you own a laser printer? They are certainly the way to go to print at mass capacity and quality. These laser printers can in fact work with both OEM (brand) toners or compatible toners. Which one is best to chose for you? Some consumers like to save money and some like to make sure they are getting the highest quality possible. It is important to know the pros and cons of each cartridge.

An OEM cartage is made by the “original equipment manufacturer”. For example if you own a canon printer then your OEM cartridge with also read canon. These toners are manufactured to a high level of quality and will print the best. They have a very low rate of actually failing and will not leak. Printing companies recommend you use their toner cartridges so that their printer is not affected by compatible toners. They also say their printer life can be affected by other toners. The disadvantage to OEM cartridges is their high cost. Also buying a remanufactured toner is more environmentally friendly.

An advantage of compatible toner cartridges are their low cost. They are available for laser printers and give high quality printer at a lower and sometimes half the cost than OEM. These are easily available online from sites that sell compatible toner cartridges. The online stores also offer guarantees and warranties. The print quality on compatible cartridges is also on par with OEM cartridges.

Some disadvantages to compatible toner cartridges include the quality control. They are easy to manufacture and can be done from home. When buying them online you never really know what you are going to get. You never know if it was truly re manufactured of if it was just simply refilled. A way around getting screwed over if to buy from reputable online stores with 100% satisfaction guarantees. Make sure to look into all references so that you are buying from someone that you can absolutely trust.

If you are one of those people who always want top quality and can afford to do so. Then OEM cartridges are definitely the way to go. If you are like me and like to save money, look online and research that you are getting a good compatible product that will get the job done. You will also be helping the environment. OEM is great because it is generally guaranteed to work and last, but buying compatible cartridges are cheap and save the green.

Source by Paul A Buchanan