With the HL-2250DN Brother has developed an entry level mono laser printer to fulfill the requirements of a growing number of homes and small enterprises which have a limited budget however require a networked printer to be shared among several computers.

It is actually just the thing for those migrating to a laser model the very first time since it is inexpensive, only uses up a small amount of desk space and is simple to set up and utilise. Moreover, it has an attractive matt black finish so would not look out of place inside the lounge in case it needs to be transferred to there from the workplace.

Start-up guidelines are provided on a double-sided A2 sheet and there are two CDs – one with drivers along with utilities and the other having documentation. USB and also networked operation for both PC as well as Mac is included.

Installing it as a networked machine ended up being straightforward and culminated with the printing of a duplex test page. The paper tray features a total capacity of 250 sheets. In addition, there is a letterbox type single-page manual bypass which may be adjusted to match the breadth of the paper being used.

Printer properties provide a whole collection of possibilities. Standard resolution is 600 dpi with other options being 300 and also HiQ 1200 dpi. After that, in addition to standard quality paper there are a variety of settings covering thin, thick, thicker paper envelopes as well as labels. Nevertheless, despite the fact that I found it extremely satisfactory on the majority of kinds of stock, even with the back door of the printer open to be able to provide a straight-through paper avenue, the trailing edge of a cheap envelope ended up being scrunched up whenever put in portrait orientation. It was resolved simply by placing it in landscape style.

The anywhere up to 26 pages per minute claim seemed fractionally optimistic as I timed it at 24ppm. Nonetheless, this is a trivial point. What is much more important is the fact that it takes only approximately 10 seconds to wake up starting from sleep mode and print the very first page. In sleep mode energy usage is less than 1W so that the model should consume under 1 unit of electricity even in the event it had been allowed to remain on around the clock for a month.

It's supplied with a “starter” toner cartridge which will print about 700 pages. The user then has got the choice of purchasing either 1,200 or 2,600 page Brother HL2250DN printer toner cartridges.

While it's possible to recognise that, in order to keep the cost down, no USB and / or network interface cable was offered. Nevertheless, it would definitely have been helpful if this simple fact was listed on the outer surface of the box. This would most likely stop the purchaser, having barely taken it out of the box, learning that they must go and buy one.

This printer, which is valued at £127 + VAT, ought to be in a position to deal cost-effectively with almost any mono printing need in the home or small office and also, simultaneously, will not seem out of place in each surroundings. As a result, it might well be an appealing proposition for lots of people.

Source by Theodore D Beach