There are many advantages to owning a Brother laser printer, but there are some disadvantages to take into account as well. The question is whether or not the printer advantages outweigh the disadvantages by any means. It's going to be up to you to decide in the end, but we can provide you with the list of pros and cons of a Brother laser printer, and from that you will be able to make your determination. It's true that a laser printer is a great office device, but in all honesty, what do you need, and what can you afford?

Fast Printing: Almost all types of laser printer have an extremely fast printing rate, meaning you won't have to wait around for five to ten minutes for your document to finally be printed. Brother Laser Printers are fast, and that is something you can benefit from in any business.

High Quality: Brother has been known for quality, and most types of their printer are no exception. The pages you receive from your laser printer will be crisp, clear, and ready to present to your customers as soon as you pull them of the tray.

Solid Company: Brother has been around for some time, and they have always fulfilled their promises of quality products. Know that when you buy a printer from Brother, you are buying a product that is backed by years of excellence.

Mass Printing: Whether you want color or black and white or color, these types of printers are always the way to go. A Brother Printer is capable of handling hundreds of requests at a time, printing them out in the order they were received.

Disadvantages: There is really only one disadvantage to having this type of printer in either your home or office. It is fairly obvious, and it is basically the fact that the printer toner is extremely expensive. How expensive you ask? Well, it's actually about as expensive as the printer itself. The toner actually has quite a bit of life left in it, and when it appears to have run out, many people will actually take the toner and shake it until some of the remaining ink becomes more available.

Then again, there are just as many people who will simply throw their printers out and buy new ones rather than spend money on toner. After all, by the time the toner runs out there will be newer printer models available. Whether or not this is something you can deal with, is up to you.

You could of course sell the old printer to make a little extra profit on the side, but if you are selling to someone who knows the price of a Brother printer toner, you're not going to make much of a profit. In any case, a laser printer may just increase the profits of your company to a point that the toner pays for itself. The exact results for you remain to be seen.

Source by Ray Fritzu