Today's inkjet printers are a marvel of modern design and engineering. The miniaturised, precision engineering that produces the output from inkjet printers is also worth noting. Contained in every ink cartridge, black or colour, is a reservoir that contains ink and a series of tiny nozzles, along with advanced piezoelectronics. The electronics trigger the nozzles, causing ink to be deposited onto the printing substrate, usually paper. The liquid ink dries instantaneously, producing well-defined text or crisp monochrome graphics. Here's some information about an inkjet cartridge that's made for the popular Brother printer brand, the LC1000.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

Many of the latest Brother inkjet cartridges take advantage of the company's innovative Innobella®system. Innobella is designed to work with Brother's inkjet, multifunction and all-in-one printers. The name “Innobella®” comes from combining the word “innovation” with the word “bella,” the Italian word for “beautiful.” The products in the Innobella®line use advanced technology to produce superior quality printed text and graphics. Innobella®inks work best with Innobella®papers and provide striking, clearly defined and long lasting images. These images are vivid, true and highly fade resistant. They can be expected to last for years. Innobella®-based output creates a new standard of excellence in print quality and product reliability.


About £15.00 to £22.00

Product Description:

The proprietary technology in the LC1000 cartridge produces a remarkably small 1.5 picoliter ink droplet. Smaller picoliter drops translate to higher contrast, and more natural tone transitions. The overall result? Less graininess, along with smoother and sharper images with finer definition. The printed output from the LC1000 resists fading, whether by light or ozone. The ink has an advanced chemical formula that provides long lasting printed output, including photos. For best results, use Innobella® inks with Innobella® paper. Also note that if printed output is stored in direct light, it will fade over time. For best results, important documents and photos should be kept in a dark place that's cool and dry.

Product Specifications:

The Brother LC1000 black ink cartridge is suitable for use with the following Brother Printers: DCP 130C, 330C, 540CN, 750CW, MFC240C, 440CN, 660CN, 845CW, 5460CN and 5860CN. The output from this cartridge is fade resistant and smudge resistant as well. However, printouts are not water resistant. Expect a yield of about 500 pages at 5% coverage.


The Brother LC1000 black inkjet cartridge is the perfect complement for a Brother printer.

Source by Hans Zoilo Minogue Cole