Even though they are relatively inexpensive, inkjet printers can have a downside — and it generally relates to the cost of replacement ink cartridges. So, when your Brother printer needs a new cartridge, it can be tempting to buy one made by a third party. Here's why you should resist that temptation and buy only OEM cartridges like the Brother LC985 for your inkjet printer.

Overall Rating:4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

The Brother LC985 ink cartridge contains ink specifically formulated for Brother printers. This means that it's neither too thick nor too thin. The ink in a non-OEM cartridge, besides tending to leak, also does not have the right viscosity. If the ink is too thin, it will tend to drip and run, resulting in poor print quality. If the ink is too thick, the potential problems are more severe. Such ink may clog the nozzles that spray the ink onto the paper. The viscosity of the ink in the LC985 cartridge is perfectly matched to the printer's nozzles, piezoelectronics, and other key components. This is because Brother, unlike many third-party manufacturers, adheres to strict quality standards.


About £13.00 to £17.00

Product Description and Specifications

This is an OEM ink cartridge specifically engineered to provide the best possible print quality from many popular Brother inkjet printer models. Image edges and text are sharp and well defined. The LC985 ink cartridge is compatible with the following Brother printer models: DCP-J125, DCP- J315W, DCP-J515W, MFC-265W, MFC-J410 and MFC-J415W.

About Brother's Unique Recycling Initiative in the UK

Brother has created an innovative recycling program for ink cartridges such as the LC985 and others. The company even provides a prepaid return label. Brother has a strong commitment to making the least possible impact on the environment and the communities in which we all live and work. To that end, the company has achieved certification under the rigorous ISO14001:2004 standard for environmental management. Many of Brother's products have, in the company's words, “world-leading green credentials.” The company's goal is to develop environmentally friendly products that are durable, energy-efficient and easy to recycle. Brother itself maintains and sustains the highest possible ethical practices across all the company's wide-ranging business sectors.


The Brother LC985 ink cartridge is the best choice for those who want to maximise the quality of their Brother printer's text and graphics in an environmentally responsible way.

Source by Hans Zoilo Minogue Cole