Hello! Today I am bringing you news about a fantastic printing software for photo professionals who look for a productive raster printing solution for their Epson, Canon and HP wide format printers. I'm talking about SnapRIP+ by Caldera. It packs the same power and features as Caldera's RIP solutions for printing wide format jobs with eye catching colors and contrast.

Many of you may be wondering what RIP software does to improve your printing jobs. RIP stands for Raster Image Processor, which is the way of converting your images into a format that the printer understands. The RIP software executes many operations in the process: it converts the RGB images into CMYK, it applies color profiles, scales the image to the desired size and resolution, etc. As a matter of fact, the RIP software replaces your printer's driver by taking full control of the print engine for a more accurate, high quality output.

SnapRIP is very simple to use so you don't have to spend time with trial and error (wasting valuable paper and ink!) before you can produce really astonishing results. SnapRIP includes tools that let you create your image from different files and view it in High Quality Preview before printing. The Compose tool enables you to assemble and layout multiple images from your Image Bar to make a unique document. As you gather all the images to the work area you can move, resize, rotate, align, manage depths and add text as needed. And you don't have to worry about positioning the files on the final image because SnapRIP packs one of Caldera's key features: Nest-O-Matic. It automatically positions the files across your roll or sheet for media and ink optimization. This helps you save media because the program takes care of the fine details for you.

Sometimes I have to print several copies of an image that is smaller than the media loaded on the printer, so what I do is repeat the image many times across the media. Before installing SnapRIP in my computer I was tired of having to RIP the file many times and then positioning it properly on the layout, watching the gap between the images and so on. SnapRIP includes a sophisticated automatic feature to do that job efficiently called Step & Repeat, with it you RIP the file just once and the program does the rest saving a lot of time.

But there is something else about ripping files with SnapRIP and it is that you can RIP a second file while you RIP and print another job at the same time. That's right: while other RIP programs have to follow the RIP-then-print sequence, SnapRIP lets you RIP your second file WHILE still printing the first one thus increasing the productivity of your printer dramatically.

Remember the High Quality Preview Display I've mentioned earlier? Well, I have to tell you it's much more sophisticated than a preview, it shows you how the files are going to look on your media while enabling you to zoom in and out, rotate, reverse, expand to full page, set 100% size, resize, move and recenter. And the best part is that there is no need for RIPing the file at every change.

Believe me, there are so many features included in SnapRIP that make this product unique.

It includes one Wide Format Printer driver and is upgradable to the next productive printing solution VisualRIP+, with a Postscript/PDF engine for producing posters, kakemonos, advertisements, POS, etc. Contact me for more information about SnapRIP or visit us for a demo, I'm sure you'll love it.

Thank you for reading!

Source by Frederic Friedmann