Most companies that manufacture ink cartridges have quality management systems (QMS) in place to assure that their products are manufactured under a set of rigorous standards. QMS is an interrelated set of elements, processes and policies aimed at delivering the best quality product to the customer. Companies that make Canon compatible ink cartridge in the UK are no exception. Here's some information about the ISO 9001 quality standard and why you should look for compatible ink cartridges that conform to it.

What is the ISO?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. Currently, 159 countries participate in the ISO, which is a non-governmental entity that is the largest standards organisation in the world. Because some of its members are private sector entities and others are public sector entities, the ISO functions as a bridge between many diverse entities. The ISO includes government agencies, national partnerships and industry associations, making it an ideal vehicle for creating broad and effective solutions and policies that model high quality standards worldwide.

Mechanics of the ISO Quality Standard

When implemented the ISO 9001 quality standard provides clearly defined and well-documented procedures to insure that when a defect occurs in a process or product, the proper corrective action is taken. By identifying defects as early as possible, remedies generally are less expensive to implement. The overall effect of this system is that defect rates decrease and product quality increases. And because this is an international standard, products are consistent from country to country. This set of defined procedures also helps companies isolate and modify processes that are inefficient or obsolete. The net result is that businesses are able to increase their profitability, market share and revenue while providing superior quality products like Epson compatible ink cartridges or Brother compatible ink cartridges.

Benefits of the ISO Quality Standard

With the standard in place, companies have product quality goals as their focus at all levels. Every employee, from senior managers to line workers, is engaged in the process. The products that result from this process, such as compatible printer ink cartridges, perform as well or better than their brand-name equivalents. In fact, testing has shown that in some cases, the yield obtained from compatible printer cartridges is often higher than from higher-priced OEM cartridges. And since the process is under continual evaluation at all levels in the organisation, that data obtained is both relevant and timely. This creates an agile company that can respond effectively to both internal and external factors, pressures and processes. The net result is an affordable, high quality printer cartridge.

So, there's a lot more to manufacturing quality Canon compatible ink cartridges in the UK than you might think. By maintaining a customer-oriented and customer-driven business environment, high customer satisfaction is more likely to occur.

Source by Carl Van Lewis