This small but perfect multi functional unit will fit the demands of any small business. The Canon ImageClass MF 4150 printer along with the Canon ImageClass MF 4150 toner is a laser printer and a very proficient piece of equipment.

It is outfitted with a printer, facsimile machine, and a copier. It is the perfect unit that houses a multitude of features. It is a smaller machine, but it will perform, delivering a perfect solution for a small or home office. For those just getting into the market, this is a logical choice.

This unit can be used as a laser printer or an inkjet printer. It's up to you and your liking. Whatever your need is you can make the choice work to your advantage. The fax doesn't contain an auto feed, but you will still quickly see the quality output. The unit is compact and is used as a desktop model.

One of the bells and whistles making this model pleasing is it provides flexibility and performance with the software that will come with it. It is equipped with mono chrome laser technology allowing it to print or copy up to 21 sheets per minute. It also has 2 sided printing and copy functionality. The auto feeder will hold 35 sheets of paper. The main tray houses around 250 sheets.

Even though this is a smaller model, it is efficient and the printing speed is fast. You will quickly visualize the quality of your graphics, pictures and text that you've printed and copied. This unit is more than capable of performing many of your projects, meeting your daily needs. It does not take much to maintain it, and you will see it starts fairly quickly. Paper jamming and other common problems aren't experienced frequently with this machine. This is a durable, trustworthy printer and is a good one to invest in for first timers.

The most popular feature allowing you to print and copy two sided documents is readily available with the integrated duplex output. This, also happens to be of great benefit. The operational system consists of a solo cartridge system which is the Canon ImageClass MF 4150 toner cartridge. It is easy to take out when needing to be replaced. The related tools, including the toner, plus the drum lending to the faultlessness of photograph reproduction, color and text quality.

For added enhancements you will be glad to know you can interface it with your PC using a USB port. For MAC users, you will want to double check the compatibility before you make the investment, look at the specs. An additional notion to visit, is the feasibility of having a separate phone line for the fax. Other than these minor checks and balances, this is perfect for small business needs.

Source by Morgan Le Fay