This sleek and stylish printer is easily portable and produces print and photos of remarkable quality at an amazing speed of less than a minute for a print of 4×6 inch. It is the ideal printer to carry while travelling, especially for professionals who want the best color presentations for their clients. Even on a leisure trip Canon Pixma iP100 would help you to take pictures of the countryside and to make post cards. The printer is tough, sturdy and compact enough to be easily put into your travel bag. It can be optionally be used with a car adapter or with a battery thus making it all the more portable.

It is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows Vista/2000/XP/7 and can be connected by a USB. In addition it has an in-built IrDA interface and a Bluetooth interface can be purchased. This will enable printing from a PDA, a camera, a phone or a PC without wires. It also supports PictBridge so that photos can be directly printed from digital cameras. It has an Auto Image feature that lets you make adjustments for color brightness and contrast to the photograph before printing. The iP mobile printer comes with a document kit, a black and a color ink cartridge, a power cord and an AC Adapter.

Technical Specifications
It measures 12.7wx2.4hx7.2d inches and weighs only 4.4 lbs. The picture resolution is of 9600×2400 dpi. It has a copyright print head which is provided with 1856 nozzles which give out ink in minute drops of 1 pico-liter, contributing towards sharper and clearer print. It is equipped with a 5 color ink system. Black prints can be printed at a speed of 20 ppm and color documents at up to 14 ppm.

The Good
One can print on the go without bothering about wires as it has batteries and can be connected to a car adapter as well. A camera or a DV Camcorder can also be connected. The adapter can be permanently mounted in the printer so that it need not be attached every time.

The Bad
The printer is excellent but unfortunately it is not covered by a case. Moreover, when many sheets are loaded simultaneously the feeder grabs the sheets all at once. This makes it impossible to print more than two sheets at a time. The printer often gets jammed.

Source by Frieder Smith