Compaq (or HP) has been producing some of the best and most affordable pre-manufactured PC models for a very long time now. With the release of every new model, they are constantly pushing the envelope in providing the best specs possible for the lowest price. The Compaq CQ5210F for instance is currently one of the most modestly priced desktop models in the market but at the same time, comes with a set of powerful specs.

The Compaq CQ5210F has a 2.7Ghz dual core processor, 3GB of DDR2 RAM and spacious 500GB (7200RPM SATA) hard drive. For graphics rendering, this desktop has the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE graphics card. Like most new desktop models, it comes with the new Windows 7 OS (Home Premium, 64-bit). Some of the other features include 6 USB ports, a DVD drive and it can also be configured to support 6 figures.

The Compaq CQ5210F is a traditional, tower-style desktop. It measures a16.87 x 6.54 x 15.11 inches in dimensions. It has a black matte exterior casing and ships with a mouse and a keyboard. Considering its powerful set of specs, this desktop is capable of performing a variety of moderate and even some heavy computing tasks. It is very speedy and will be able to run heavy applications without a glitch. It was also very easy to setup where it is will be ready for use (out of the box) in just a couple of minutes. Best of all, it is very well priced. The Compaq CQ5210F is currently retailing for just around $449 per unit!

Source by Troy Richards