Toner cartridges, which are also known as laser toners, contain a mixture of coloring agents and plastic particles. Printers generally use heated rollers to transfer the toner from the drum unit to paper. There are three types of toner cartridges: remanufactured, compatible, and genuine toners. Compatible cartridges are manufactured by third party companies and marketed under different brands. It is believed that these cartridges are capable of exceeding the quality of genuine or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands. Genuine cartridges are generally expensive, which is why they often serve as cost-effective alternatives to OEM products. Remanufactured ones require a process wherein compatible or genuine cartridges are cleaned and defective parts are replaced. Some consumers buy OEM cartridges from specialist retailers in order to take advantage of lower prices. The aftermarket toner sector, which emerged in the 1980s, allowed consumers to purchase cheaper products. There was a time when users had to replace their printers in order to avoid buying expensive toners. Hewlett Packard's Q2612A (12A) compatible toner cartridge, which is priced at $17.94, features high-quality drums that allow consumers to take advantage of their HP LaserJet Printers' capabilities.

The HP Q2612A (12A) toner cartridge was designed for the company's LaserJet 1012 printer. The laser toner, which generates sharp and clear printouts, has a 2,200-page yield at 5% coverage. The process of refilling the monochrome laser toner is fairly simple. It requires the removal of original toner in the cartridge. The cartridge should not be overfilled by pouring the entire toner. A funnel cap should also be used in order to make sure that the toner is fully transferred.

There are instances where the toner stops flowing even though the cartridge is not yet full. This problem can be solved easily; users just need to remove the toner, put on the lid, and turn the bottle upside down. Users are advised to avoid pressing down on the plug in order to minimize the risk of damaging the cartridge. Shaking the cartridge is an effective way of distributing the toner throughout the whole unit. The Q2612A (12A) is also compatible with the following HP printers: HP 1010, 1018, 1020, 1022, 1022n, 1022nw, 3015, 3020, 3030, and 3050.

HP is known for its high-quality printers and laser toners, and the Q2612A (12A) is no exception. The product ensures that users will be satisfied with excellent and reliable print quality. Consumers can also avoid ink streaks and leaks, making the printing process more enjoyable. HP's products are also supported by the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. HP has a recycling initiative that involves collecting empty laser toners and transporting them to different countries. The firm's partnership with an Asian company also aims to reuse plastic collected from these products. It is believed that refilled toners are more environmentally friendly than brand new products because they are less dependent on petroleum during the production process. Estimates show that more than 200 liters of oil are used for new cartridges.

Source by Juan Lakad