Almost everything you need is now found in the most affordable multifunction HP LaserJet M1319f MFP, which conveniently combines fax, copy and scan capabilities with high-quality laser printing. Your office needs will be greatly satisfied by this new HP innovation, which is a high-end fax machine that seems to do so much more. You can definitely generate business pages in a fast speed and in excellent quality.

Save money and office space with this reasonably priced multifunction laser printer. It has the ability to do four different functions which are to copy, print, fax and scan. This product has a built-in reliability feature and it promotes a practical way of spending your money. Instead of buying four different devices and taking up spaces in your working place, you could actually save more with this complete combination of different devices.

Also, with its Instant-on Technology, printing documents are now two-times more speedy. Your initial copy will be immediately delivered to you in just seconds with the help of HP multifunction printer's LED-based technology. With the printer's impressive features and performance, your productivity will be certainly enhanced.

Though HP LaserJet M1319f Multifunctional Printer is about as wide and deep as the usual ink-jet multifunction units, this device is about twice as tall. It is apparently one of the lightest laser printers we ever tested with a weight of twenty-two pounds.

It has the typical plain gray hue of the Hewlett-Packard products, while the top of it is filled with uncomplicated buttons, together with a tiny LED screen. You can easily get your printing jobs done by this user-friendly two-line, back-lit control pane. If you are not comfortable in using these buttons, you could always conduct your adjustments and modifications through your computer.

In addition, this HP unit includes an unfailing Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port, which can help you swiftly connect and share your printer over the network. This can be simply done my configuring your Print and Fax System Preferences on your computer. Moreover, you could utilize your personal computer's own processing power so that you may be able to finish a variety of difficult printing jobs and at the same time avoid expensive memory upgrades.

More importantly, this HP multifunction printer can remarkably finish a one-page text document in just seven seconds. Moreover, it has able to satisfactorily print a ten-page word document in forty seconds, which has made this consumer laser printer included among the fastest for its kind.

The HP LaserJet M1319f MFP is not only fast, it also generates impressive image quality results. Its text output was of superior quality, therefore, very much ideal for a business which looks for professional-looking documents.

Another important quality of the printer that needs to be mentioned is the fact that cartridge toner replacement is a lot cheaper since you only have to change one cartridge rather than a number of color cartridges. A single cartridge can even print two thousand pages of text-rich documents.

Not only can you save from the functions alone to the price of the cartridge, but you could also take advantage of everything HP LaserJet M1319f MFP has to offer in terms of your business documents. This HP creation is just the perfect choice for all your business needs.


Source by Lyn Askin