Several months ago I had purchased my Mother-in-law a new Lexmark X9575 as an easy way to provide print, fax and copy functionality in one unit. She isn't the most technically proficient person in the world. So, I wanted to get her something that is easy to use and maintain. The Lexmark 9575 is what is considered a thermal inkjet. This machine produces black prints in up to 1200 x 1200 dpi and color prints up to 4800 x 2400 dpi. It prints 33 pages per minute in black and 28 pages per minute in color. So, this machine has top end specs for a relatively low cost. Surprisingly this unit comes standard with the #43XL color and #44XL black ink cartridge out of the box. XL is a designation that means High Yield. But, it never fails that after approximately 200 prints it came time to change out the printer ink.

Being the technician of the family I was called to show her how easy it is to swap out these printer cartridges. After all I had worked at CompUSA for almost four years. Those years had been spent in both sales and service. So, for all of those years I never had an issue with changing out a print cartridge. I mean how hard can it be? They make those things almost fool proof. Can you imagine my surprise when I pulled out the old black ink cartridge (#44XL), removed the plastic strip and inserted the new cartridge into the X9575 only to receive the “Left cartridge incorrect” message. Wow, what a time for an error message to appear, just as I was showing my mother-in-law how easy it is to swap out printer cartridges from the newest inkjet printers. Never-the-less I did the requisite research, followed the recommended means to troubleshoot the error and finally called tech support. The following are the correct steps to troubleshoot either the Left cartridge incorrect or Right cartridge incorrect error situations.

1) Disconnect the power from the printer.

2) Remove the black power brick/block from the rear of the machine. (It may be a little tough to pull it out the first time you remove it.

3) Open the top of the printer/multi-function unit.

4) Gently pull the ribbon in order to center the printer cartridge carrier.

5) Open either the left or right side and remove the cartridge. (Depends on which side the error is occurring on, black on the left, color on the right)

6) Verify that all of the plastic strip that covered the new contacts on the cartridge have in fact been removed.

7) Wipe both the cartridge and printer contacts with a dry, lint free cloth.

8) Wipe the bottom of the cartridge with a damp, lint free cloth in order to verify that the ink is flowing and looks correct.

9) Make sure there is no water remaining on the cartridge.

10) Re-insert the cartridge into the carrier and make sure that it is bottomed and inserted all the way to the rear of the carrier slot.

11) Re-insert the power brick/block.

12) Re-connect the printer power cable.

13) Power on the printer and the error should be resolved.

14) Run the print alignment and print or copy several pages to insure the problem has been resolved.

Source by Sarah Patricks