Brother International Corporation is one of the global manufacturers of facsimile and sewing machines, home appliances and many other home and industrial products. They also sell printers. Compared to other brands of printers out there, Brother may not be the first or preferred choice but it certainly has a lot of favorable points. This is why many consumers now take a second look at what Brother can offer for both home and office printer needs. Here are some of the reasons why buying a Brother printer can be the best option for you:

Low, reasonable price

More often than not, a Brother printer costs lesser than the “more popular” brands. This, despite basically having the same features as that of the more expensive printers. There are also quite a number of available discounts for the various kinds of Brother printers so the consumer can choose the most suitable unit that will fit his budget.

Wide range of options

The consumer can choose from an array of Brother printers that can answer all possible needs from home, home office, small and medium enterprise, large business and workgroup even up to mobile requirements. Hence, if the client is in need of either a purely black and white wireless laser printer or a truly portable and lightweight one for his handheld, he can find great options with Brother printers.

Full features and functions

Brother printers, especially those included in the new multifunction series like the Brother MFC-420cn, boast of rich, user friendly features such as network port, automatic document feeder, direct printing from memory cards, commendable dpi resolution, large output tray, easy to use and understand front panel control and durable materials. Brother printers are also compatible with both PCs and MACs and uses USB and Ethernet interfaces. These printers also offer other functions such as scanning, faxing and duplexing (front and back printing and scanning) as well as 20 to 30 page per minute print speed.

Eye candy with good copy quality

A Brother printer can very well fit into any home, school or office. It does not take up too much space and it also comes in various hues of gray, black, silver and white. The copy quality is great as well — clean and crisp.

Reliable and requires low maintenance

Unlike other brands, Brother printers only require less maintenance. In case of repair, you may also notice that the quotations are reasonably cheap.

Indeed, these features make a Brother printer a great choice!

Source by James Kara Murat