The photographs you capture can be those of profound moments. For instance the moment a newborn baby is born, graduation day, etc. The emotions you feel at that very moment can feel very magical and life changing. While that memory will later be cast into stone in your heart and mind, won't it be great to share those moments of joy with your loved ones?

Why Bother Printing Photographs?

A way to make this possible is to print the photos you've photographed of these precious moments regularly. Almost everything is digital now.

While it is of definite convenience, we do forget to print these pictures. By the time we realize it, the precious photographs of joyous moments we wanted to cherish so much get lost in cyberspace.

The Canon SELPHY CP790

The printer I would recommend is the Canon SELPHY CP790. This printer can print pictures of those joyous moments very quickly and quietly, also in a variety of different sizes. This feature makes it convenient for you if you wish to create scrapbooks with your photos. Otherwise, you can display the photo in a photo frame on your bedroom shelf, or maybe keep a photo in your wallet.

It really is best that you yourself create a card, be it a birthday or anniversary card, to be given to someone. Since you make the card yourself, it will truly be a card that is one of kind, making it more unique and meaningful.

Why Canon SELPHY CP790?

What I like about the Canon SELPHY C970 printer is that you have complete access to customizing the card just the way you like it. This printer is portable and it fits any type of memory cards. I find this really convenient.

Despite that, it also wirelessly receives photographs from your phone. You can print your photographs into postcards or into smaller sizes that will fit into your wallet.

Besides being able to print photos quickly and quietly, the Canon SELPHY C970 also has a wide range of features that include frames and borders. It also has a function called ‘MyColour' that allows you to tweak the colors on your photographs before printing them out.

How Do I Use The Canon SELPHY CP790?

Step #1

Plug the SELPHY printer into the power cord. Put photo papers into the postcard cartridge. Then, attach the cartridge to the printer before switching the printer on.

Step #2

There's the multi memory card slot that allows you to slip your memory card into. The SELPHY C790 printer can accommodate a vast majority of different types of memory cards. You can also send photographs from your phone or laptop to the printer using Bluetooth.

Step #3

To print photographs at postcard-sized images, press into the MENU button and then select FRAME PRINT. Once you're done, press onto the OK button. You can select the CHANGE SETTINGS option to further customize the color and border before printing.

Step #4

At this step, you can now preview and choose the image you want to print. Make your selection by dialing or toggling left or right. After that, press onto the OK button.

Now, pick a frame or border of your choice that will best suite your photograph. You can now rotate or enlarge the picture according to your liking. You can also adjust its position. When you're finally satisfied with the adjustments, click onto the OK button.

Step #5

If you wish to utilize the special feature of the printer, select MENU to further customize your picture at the CHANGE SETTINGS option. Select PRINT SETTINGS where you will be able to select borderless printing, change color options in MYCOLOR from sepia to vivid, correct red eye, and many more.

Step #6

Select the number of prints you want for that photo. Then select PRINT.

Once the photos are printed, you may take it out and tear on the perforated sides. Now, you can start decorating. You can use colored paper and pile your photographs to make the card.

Be creative while decorating the card. A suggestion is that you can use glitter, sticker tags, shiny ribbons and also buttons to personalize your card.

Source by Michelle Lee Fui Jinn