Printers are an item of daily use in offices. Printing bills, cards, brochures are usual printing tasks seen in offices. Your printing requirements may range from simple rough draft printouts to high-quality glossy photo prints. Even at homes, printers are used extensively for your common needs as your mails or study notes or study papers.

The inkjet printers and printer ink cartridges came to the market in 1984. This redefined the way you presented your written matter to the world, as the tasks of printing your documents became more convenient. Also it became a cleaner procedure to follow than the previous methods of changing ribbons which was required previously with the old dot matrix printers.

Today the four largest companies which are worldwide inkjet printer brands are HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark among many others. These brands have been the driving forces behind the wide acceptance of printer ink cartridges in the market. These days, not only black and white but colour ink cartridges are popular among the larger customer base for printers and their accessories. Colour ink cartridges are more expensive and are used more often for colour graphics and photos.

Printing quality has improved drastically these days, with newer innovations in the printing technologies. Much of it owes to the development of printer ink cartridges. It is now an easy thing to print on different types and sizes of paper. These printers are used in businesses, in schools and the homes of millions of people worldwide.

Printer ink cartridges are generally designed to fit in their own specific brand of printers. For this purpose, cartridges are given specific numbers for identification along with the model number of each printer in which it can be used. However, it is also possible to get your printer ink cartridge refilled, which then costs much less than the original brand ink cartridges. The flip side is that it may affect the life of your printer.

Source by Brayan Russell