Sharp has one of the best ranges of MFP's available world-wide today. They are a very well know brand name and the Sharp SF 6000 printer is a great workhouse that will be of benefit to any work-group. Recently at the IFA show in Berlin, some Sharp MFP's stole the show. If you are looking for a Sharp printer or toner the recommendations out of the IFA will reassure you that you have made the correct decision.

As a consumer trade fair the IFA is known to be one of the largest electronics fairs in the world. It is an annual event and it is always held in Berlin, in Germany. The IFA has some of the biggest attendances of any trade fair and last year alone more than 1 049 company's exhibited and 212 494 visitors attended the fair. Exhibitors on show included Sharp of course.

IFA is a major media event and the amount of journalists attending from Germany alone was 5 211. The balance of 1308 attended as media representatives of seventy four other countries. It is a very high profile event, hence the massive media coverage. The trade IFA fair is organized for both the general public as well as leading industry experts.

In effect, the attendance and the fact that there are so many exhibitors and journalists involved in this amazing event, makes it the worlds leading electronics trade show. Journalists are there to make the event and products on show newsworthy, so you will be able to find many reports on the products from the last show, both online and in major publications dealing with electronics, world-wide.

The Sharp SF 6000 was not one of the models that was on show at IFA, however both the Sharp MX-6201N and MX-7001N went down a treat with the reporters. There are glowing report available on both these magnificent new MFP's available wherever you look. If you are looking for multitasking capabilities in a printer, you will definitely get it with these and many other Sharp printers.

Sharp printers have a reputation for being flexible and offering high volume options to both work-groups and corporate users. The configuration options allow Sharp printers to be personalized and used as very productive document management systems. Toners have been technologically and scientifically advanced to provide a new aspect of image quality, and this also assists with productivity and reliability.

SIICA which is otherwise known as the Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, have stated that the printers and toners they manufacture are specially developed to withstand the busy offices of today.

OSA technology is specific to all new Sharp MFP's and this allows all clients to integrate and streamline printers to their own specifications. In other words to meet their own specific needs! Color printers operated at anything up to 50 pages per minute and even faster in some instances, which black and whit printing is even faster at 62 to 70 pages per minute. Sharp Color Scan2 technology also allows for the minimum of document handling with the maximum of performance.

Source by Morgan Le Fay