Home computing printers have changed dramatically over the last 25 years, from the Dot Matrix ribbon printer then came the Daisy Wheel contraption, and then on to the Inkjet Printer which is common in most homes today, but it took 12 years from conception in 1976 to mass distribution for small office and home use in 1988, these Inkjet Printers have been constantly improved over the years, for example; the resolution has been vastly improved upon, from 300 X 600 dpi to a huge 5760 x 1440 dpi now supported by Epson printers as standard, this quality is perfect for printing photographs and desktop publishing cheaply. (You can also buy compatible ink sets at a greatly reduced cost, up to 75% off original Epson prices)

Now comes “wireless printing technology” this is revolutionizing the small office and home printing demands.

Homes are now seeing the wireless Laser printers but due to the high cost of replacement toners and initial costs these are limited, therefore, for now the Inkjet printing will suffice for the majority of households and small offices.

With wireless technology the printer is connected to the computer or the wireless network by Bluetooth, so whilst computers and laptops (on the network) are within the Bluetooth range then they can send printing information wirelessly to the printer effortlessly.

With all the trailing wires which the common household computer has, the wireless technology is a god sends as there is nothing more unsightly than the well known mass of tangled twisted wires behind the home computer.

The newer wireless inkjet printers are in the marketplace from around $130 and will come as an “all in one” system which means you will get a wireless printer, you will also get a fax machine, a photo copier and a scanner combined in one smart looking unit. These machines can print in high dpi resolution color and black and white very fast.

Source by Joe R Leech