Mozilla Firefox is getting better and better for people, whatever their profession is. It helps in a great sense. For example for Photographers, Firefox provides a long list of Add-Ons. which help them to do their work in less time. because they spend a larger time in front of computer than most of others.

So here is a very short list of 15 such Add-Ons which can help Photographers.

1. Canvas: It offer you to make your own photography theme. also help you to share and bookmark your photos.

2. Clipmarks: It provides you to secure particular parts of your favorite articles or images.

3. FireShot: Through this Add-On, you can edit and create original webpage snapshots.

4. ColorZilla: It delivers opportunity to get some extra zoom, color picking, eyedropper and many other facilities to photographers.

5. SpiderPic: This Add-On provides a comparison state of prices between your pictures and many other photo stock online. so that you can evaluate your photo price in market.

6. LinkedIn: Through this Add-On, you can share your photos with your LinkedIn friends.

7. Flickr Buddy:Enjoy the sharing of your great photos with your Flickr companions.

8. TwitrPix Express: Your Twitter contacts can also get sharing with your photograph through this Add-On, direct from your site.

9. FotoFox: With the help of FotoFox, Your own created photo album can be sold through various online services.

10. Photostream Transloader: The Photostream Transloader helps you to upload your photos from Firefox to Photostream.

11. Pixelpepe Media Uploader: With Pixelpipe, you can upload content to your favorite social network and photo service.

12. GMiF: This is an amazing Add-On which tells you where the photo was taken through Google Map.

13. Picture2Life: Now you can make any changes to photos. You can create collages and animate pictures.

14. Lexmark Toolbar: Get rid of all unwanted stuff from Pictures and Improve web printing Through the Lexmark Toolbar Add-On.

15. GazoPa Similar Image Search: You can search for those images which are similar to your photos with the help of this Add-On.

Source by Uzair Arshad