Printers have significantly reduced the cumbersome task of writing works at homes, offices and industries. From home users and students to the workers at small offices, corporate houses and industrial units are extremely reliant on these machines to obtain outputs with great ease. This is the reason for the popularity of different types of printers, ranging from desktop printer to cheque printer and label printer.

The right selection of a printer depends on a number of factors like the expected output quantity, printing speed, output quality, overall cost and most importantly, the purpose it is going to serve. The needs of a student may vary from an industrial unit involved in packaging and labeling. The following sections discuss some of the popular printers suitable for different kinds of users.

Desktop Printers:

Available in the varieties like inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, the desktop printers are compact in size and are popular among domestic and small office users. These are used by the students for printing assignments and for other personal printing purposes at homes. Small office owners depend on these machines for printing documents in different quantities.

Label Printers:

A label printer is used as an industrial device used for printing on labels and tags. These devices are also used for printing at retail units, medical laboratories, industrial laboratories and for other similar applications. One popular variety of these printers is thermal printer which uses heat to make permanent prints from the ink. Many of the printers in this category have built-in keyboards.

Cheque Printers:

The corporate houses consider different cheque printer models as great tools for their businesses. These printers are technologically advanced devices that help in protection of business cheques against forgery and frauds. There are features in these devices that make use of UV sensitive ink for printing documents with hidden words. As a result, the chances of alterations and forgery are significantly reduced with the help of these printing devices.

All-in-One Printers:

Another popular variety is that of all-in-one printers that are also known as multifunction printers. As their name suggests, these devices are used for multiple purposes in addition to printing. For example, the office owners can use these devices for scanning, faxing, photocopying as well as for emailing. There is no limit to the features with which these machines are being manufactured to add privileges for the users.

Mobile Printers:

On-demand and on-spot printing is facilitated by the devices known as mobile printers. These are extremely portable, self-powered and useful the users like technicians, sales representatives and others who need to generate receipts at different places. One can print the documents from a computer or laptop or also from those stored in storage cards. In terms of printing speed and quality, these devices are considered among the best.

Different designs of desktop, label, all-in-one, mobile and cheque printer can be found available with the reputed manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, different designs cater to different needs of the users and thus, the selection must be based on all important considerations.

Source by Vaiv Jais